We made an album in 2022 !  

It's HERE on BANDCAMP. & on nearly every streaming service


Lovingly assembled by Eric and carefully remastered by Steve Turnidge, it's 80 minutes and 27 tracks of the best we have.

It's in approximate chronological order, and incorporates 4 versions of the band, from beginning to end. We sourced from 4 releases on vinyl from the early 80's and dug deep into the tape for the rest.

The first single: Lies + Disco Dog + Snow

The 1980 EP: Big Cheese + Lonely Too Long + Encounter + Garbage (1980 version)

from the SEATTLE SYNDROME compilation LP: Discover Your Feet

from John's garage: Bad Gossip + Sperm Bank For The New Order + Letters + Colonies

from the single on PRAVDA RECORDS: Recht Op Staan + Electronic Pop Smash

from unreleased Triangle Studio sessions: Tough Guy In The Lab + Saigon   produced by David Javelosa

more from John's Garage: 1929 + Car Crash + Garbage (1982 version) + Yow + Stihl De Nacht + Private Book + Mr & Mrs Everywhere + Helena Is a Spy + C'est Tout

Then Tom is gone, we're a 3-piece, and have 3 more tracks: Trickle Down + Oil+ X

Track listing and credits: )all songs by Helena & John Rogers unless noted)

1) Lies                           from the first single. Helena does all lead vocals

2) Disco Dog               Bill Adams plays bass

3) Snow                    Bill Adams on synthesizer

4) Big Cheese            from the “As Seen On TV” EP, although not in this order.  

5) Lonely Too Long       (originally “I've Been Lonely Too Long” by Felix Cavaliere of The Young Rascals)

6) Encounter                 Joe Harris: lead vocal, written by Joe & Helena  

7) Garbage

8) Discover Your Feet        John on lead vocals and bongos

9) Bad Gossip               Tom and Eric join the band. Tom plays acoustic guitar

10) Sperm Bank For The New Order  Tom's instrumental brainchild

11) Letters

12) Colonies     John on lead vocals, Eric flanged Helena's vocals live, Tom on toy piano

13) Recht Op Staan       Helena's song. Eric on wah-wah bass, Tom on acoustic guitar & first solo

14) Electronic Pop Smash  from an Eric idea, but everyone contributed mightily. Helena on ethereal voice

15) Tough Guy In The Lab    Tom on acoustic guitar

16) Saigon   Eric wrote the words and organized. John on lead vocal, Geoffrey Morgan on sax

17) 1929                  Tom's song and vocal, with help from John

18) Car Crash              Eric's song, with vocal help from Helena

19) Garbage                (1982 version with Tom)

20) Private Book            Eric on tambourine

21) Mr & Mrs Everywhere   Eric on vocal, words by John Brunner from "Stand on Zanzibar"

22) Helena is a Spy     Tom on keys

23) Yow                    Tom's amazing song

24) Stihl de Nacht          Eric sings words from a World War Two era Polish resistance song

25) C'est Tout               Tom sings and plays . The guitar is all Helena.

26) Trickle Down          One of Reagan's empty promises. John & Helena did this, Eric added trumpet

27) OIl                    Tom is gone, it's a three piece. Helena added keys. Eric & Helena wrote this

28) X                    by Eric & Helena. Eric plays keys

We've also collected a short stack of other stuff and put them together on SoundCloud for free.

Gillian Gaar, wrting for AudioFemme:

In the eyes of the outside world, the Seattle music scene of the early 1980s had nothing going on. Ah, but that would be overlooking the innumerable smallish bands who came together, released a few tracks, then sank into oblivion. Such as Student Nurse, founded by Helena Rogers, who moved to Seattle in the late 1970s, bought a guitar, took lessons from the same man who taught Bonnie Guitar and Nancy Wilson, then joined musical forces with her then-husband, drummer John Rogers. Think For Yourself: Seattle Tour 1978-1984 (Salish Sea Records) features the handful of tracks the band released at the time, and eighteen songs that remained in the vaults until now.

It’s spirited, spiky, punky new wave, with forays into funk and ska; check out that swingable dance beat in “Discover Your Feet,” about the joys of walking once the oil reserves have dried up (though most vocals are by Helena, it’s bassist Joe Harris on this one). “Tough Guy in the Lab” has a similarly nervy energy about creepy laboratory goings on. “Bad Gossip” skips with giddy pleasure, and you sure wish “Sperm Bank for the New Order” had lyrics. Compiling the CD inspired the band to give their first show in 38 years; good to have them back, however long it lasts.


Seattle Tour