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Eric Muhs and Dennis White are putting together an in-depth collection of recordings by late 70s-mid 80s Seattle band Student Nurse. The band was an important part of the Seattle music scene during the lead-up to its international success starting in the late 1980s. Twenty eight recorded tracks from throughout the band's career have been chosen. Only 10 of the songs were previously released. Our goal is to create a compilation album for CD, digital download, and for streaming. If enough money is raised, we can press a limited edition vinyl record.

Expenses include mastering, up-front licensing fees, distribution costs, manufacture and distribution of physical units, package design, and much more. This album will receive wide digital distribution, and a promotional campaign will be part of this project. Even without profits, the band and the songwriters will earn a small amount of royalties.

Much of the funding for this project is coming out of our pockets, but to finish this album in the way it deserves, we need your help. We're not seeking to make money from this project. Since most revenue is from streaming on various platforms nowadays, there are no expectations for a profit. Dennis will use any profits-as doubtful as they might be- to help his documentation and release of recordings by influential but overlooked Northwest music artists.

We've set the crowdfunding goal at a moderate level of $3200, but every penny raised beyond it will be used to make the project even more attractive. Donations of $10 or more get a free download of the album. $30 or more will get a Student Nurse t-shirt. All donors will be acknowledged with the album's credits.

We thank you for considering a donation to our project. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at the link here.

Eric Muhs

Dennis White

" I'm still waiting for the trickle down..."

Eric Muhs


Dennis White